Jeff Kyle: My Steve Wohlberg Testimony


Over the years, my family and I have been members of the Mennonite church, the Assemblies of God and various non-denominational churches. Our background had been mostly charismatic and our end times understanding followed the Left Behind “doctrine.” Even though we belonged to some very different denominations, they were all teaching pretty much the same “end time” scenario.

I personally have a background in music ministry, having been a worship leader over the last 18 years or so. I have led worship in all of the various denominations described earlier. After a painful experience of being pushed out of an AG church some years ago for essentially not being able to “manufacture” a regular move of the Holy Spirit during worship, my family and I took about a year off from church in general to try to regroup. My gifting is clearly in music and I had felt for years that worship leadership was the ministry that I was called to. During our year away from church, I started questioning that call.

In late 2005, we became members of a non-denominational church built around the Purpose Driven Church model that emphasized “focusing on essential doctrines.” I don’t recall ever hearing a sermon that taught about end time events or anything from the book of Revelation. I knew that what the Bible teaches about the end times is very important and just figured that they were either avoiding this subject since it deals with many doctrines that people tend to have strong opinions/disagreements about or because they just didn’t understand Revelation. I participated on the worship team and led occasionally since they already had a regular worship leader in place.

First contact…

In the fall of 2006, we received our Sky Angel channel guide which had an article detailing Steve Wohlberg’s The Antichrist Chronicles series that was to air on Faith TV. The article talked about the fact that what we would hear in this presentation regarding the Antichrist may differ from what most people generally believe or have been taught. I’ve always been interested in learning about end time events to better understand them so this article got my attention. We watched the entire series and were very surprised by the facts that Steve Wohlberg shared. What Steve Wohlberg presented was very different from what we had been taught but made a lot more logical sense to us. We ordered the series on DVD from White Horse Media so we could go back and research for ourselves all of the scriptures Steve referenced. In our research, everything lined up with God’s Word, even though to us it was a very different teaching. Over time, Faith TV broadcast many of Steve Wohlberg’s series presentations which we recorded so we could review them in further detail. We continued to attend our non-denominational church while studying with Steve and White Horse Media.

Wake-up call…

In spring of 2007, the worship leader stepped down in the church we were attending. I was the only other person who could lead worship and was approached to do so. While I could have easily filled the role, the Lord gave a very clear answer of “No,” which was one of the clearest promptings I can recall. Due to my declining the position, the church was left with essentially no worship team (it was only a keyboardist, several vocalists and a djembe drum before the leader had stepped down). The church had a serious wake-up call in that they had been so accustomed to having the upbeat worship that they almost could not worship at all without having these things in their church service. I became aware at that point that the energetic, upbeat, seeker-sensitive services may actually hinder people’s ability to worship God in spirit and in truth. The focus was in the wrong place.

At about the same time, my family was beginning to question the Purpose Driven Church model’s effectiveness. In almost every church we attended up to this point, most of the churches were Purpose Driven. A consistent pattern we were noticing was a lack of discipleship, a lack of encouragement for personal Bible study, and an avoidance of end time doctrinal topics.

A new beginning…

We began going through the free Bible studies provided by Bible Instructor Junie Lawson of White Horse Media. These studies were powerful, exceedingly clear, and quite thorough. They helped tremendously in our understanding of the Bible and end time prophecy. For us, precious light was now shining, and we experienced a degree of peace and comfort in our hearts that we had been missing.

In September of 2007, God led us to a church that was following the very truths we had newly discovered in the Scriptures. Since then, we have been happily serving in various ministries in the church. I am the head audio/visual technician, a deacon, and I occasionally conduct special music. My wife, Kathy, and I also serve as receptionists. Our sons, Aaron and Donovan, serve as Junior Deacons. We now serve God as a united family, the joys of which can hardly be expressed.

Over the last year, since learning about the Bible’s health message from Steve Wohlberg’s series Many Shall Be Purified and also from our church, our family’s health has improved significantly. I personally have lost nearly 50 pounds and Kathy has lost about 10 pounds! I haven’t felt this good in 20 years. My almost daily headaches are gone and I have much more energy. Does this sound like the work of Satan? Hardly. We know differently.

We are so very thankful that God connected us, unexpectedly, to the global ministry of Steve Wohlberg and White Horse Media. They faithfully provided the abundant resources, discipleship and education we needed to help us find clear Bible truth. Our testimony speaks highly of the effectiveness of their ministry. Steve Wohlberg and White Horse Media are truly making a major impact and a positive difference in this world for Jesus Christ.

Steve Wohlberg and his godly Christian associates have proven themselves to be servants of Jesus Christ who are totally committed to presenting God’s truth – in contrast to popular errors – to a world that desperately needs to hear it.

What has happened to my family is proof of this.