Here are just some of Steve Wohlberg’s resources that we have personally studied through as a family. They have been a tremendous blessing and we highly recommend them!

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Agents of Satan

Agents of Satan: Exposing LIES – Especially on the Internet – Against the Ten Commandments and Commandment-keepers

Steve Wohlberg and Mark Howard co-host this unique 4-part TV series that is a tactful, passionate, and solidly biblical response to false teaching about the Law of God, the gospel of Jesus Christ, God’s last day “remnant” people, and “the spirit of prophecy.” Agents of Satan perfect for sharing with anyone now being confused by websites teaching errors (that appear correct) about the Ten Commandments and Commandment-keepers.

From Hollywood to Heaven - Steve Wohlberg Resources

From Hollywood to Heaven

Here Steve tells his own story, in his own words, about how he was miraculously rescued during the summer of 1979 from a destructive life in the Hollywood hills. He was 20 years old. No once can read these stirring details and not be impressed by the power of God’s grace. What Jesus did for Steve, He can do for us too!


Amazing Discoveries

This is Steve Wohlberg’s entire 24-part Bible Prophecy Seminar which has been recorded for television. These Bible studies are amazing, eye-opening, and totally biblical!


The Ultimate Passover

A powerful 45-minute documentary professionally produced by White Horse Media designed to share the love of Jesus Christ with Jewish people. Extremely well done. Includes Jewish Bible studies, recipes, and humor.


Demons in Disguise

This fascinating book warns against the dangers of trying to make contact with dead loved ones. “Wow!” A must-read.


End Time Delusions

This is Steve Wohblerg’s most popular book exposing false views about the end times currently taught in the evangelical world. It has been read by pastors across North America, and beyond. One of the main reasons why Steve’s enemies attack him, and lie about him, is because this book counteracts THEIR OWN false beliefs, and they can’t take it. So, they accuse Steve of being “of the devil.” God knows the truth, and if you will simply read this book, you will realize that Steve Wohlberg faithfully teaches what the Bible actually says. Check out the 28+ book reviews on Most readers love it for its courageous stand, while a few hate it. Read it, and decide for yourself!


Sword of the Spirit (Season 1)

Each season contains 13 half-hour programs with Steve Wohlberg. In Season 3, Steve is joined by White Horse Media Bible Instructor Junie Lawson. Each program is filled with solid information from the Bible (“the Sword of the Spirit,” Eph. 6:17), practical lessons, and heart-warming stories.

Israel in Prophecy by Steve Wohlberg

Israel in Prophecy

10 half-hour TV programs building up to what the book of Revelation really teaches about Israel, the temple, Babylon, and Armageddon. This is a enlightening series with unique force, especially because Steve Wohlberg is Jewish!


Deadly Delusions about Death and Hell

Here Steve Wohlberg shares shocking, yet thoroughly biblical information about ghosts, spirits, death, the Millennium, and hell-fire. My family loved this 4-part set! We really learned a lot!